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MylarŪ Film and Sheet Properties

Mylar® Film or Polyester Film is ideally suited for a wide range of uses such as packaging, printing, die-cutting, electronics, protective overlay, barrier protection, apparel and other industrial applications. Because of Mylar Film or Polyester Film inherent physical properties, it's your best choice for a high performance plastic film/sheet.

Physical Properties
Properties Typical Value Units Test Method
Tensile Strength (MD) 28,000 psi ASTM-D882
Tensile Strength (TD) 34,000 psi ASTM-D882
Strength Elongation MD 15,000 psi ASTM-D882
Strength F-5 TD 14,000 psi ASTM-D882
Modulus MD 710,000 psi ASTM-D882
Modulus TD 740,000 psi ASTM-D882
Elongation MD 115 % ASTM-D882
Elongation TD 92 % ASTM-D882
Surface Roughness 38 nm Optical Profilometer
Density 1.39 g/cc ASTM-D1505
Viscosity 0.56 dL/g ASTM-D4603
Yield 21,000 in2/lb n/a

Electrical Properties
Properties Typical Value Units Test Method
Dielectric Strength AC, 20º C, .00092" 7,000 volts/mil ASTM-D149-64
Dielectric Constant 25º C, 1kHz 3.2 n/a ASTM-D150-81
Dissipation Factor 25º C, 1kHz 0.005 n/a ASTM-D150-65
Volume Resistivity 25º C 1.00E+19 ohm-cm ASTM-D257-78
Corona Threshold   V-AC V-AC ASTM-D2275-80

Thermal Properties
Properties Typical Value Units Test Method
Melting Point 254 º C n/a
Dimensional Stability n/a n/a n/a
at 105º C MD 0.6 % n/a
at 105º C TD 0.3 % n/a
at 150º C MD 1.8 % n/a
at 150º C TD 1.0 % n/a
Specific Heat 0.28 cal/g/º C n/a
Thermal Expansion 1.7 x 10-5 in/in/º C ASTM-D696
UL94 Flame Class 94VTM-2 n/a Slow to self

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Mylar® is a registered trademark of Dupont Teijin Films. Only Dupont Teijin Films makes Mylar® Grafix Plastics stocks some Mylar® products so please contact us for more information.

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