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Frequently Asked Questions:

Sheet & Film Processing
Plastic Sheet and Film can be processed in a variety of methods to take it from its original mill produced configuration, into a format that is compatible with a specific application. What follows are some of the processes we employ to put our materials into a format that can be used for your application.

If material needs to be supplied in narrower rolls than we have available, then we put the roll on a machine called a slitter. This “cuts” the rolls to the width needed, this is called slitting.

The widest material we can slit is 61", and the narrowest we can slit down to is 1", in 1/8" wide increments. We will not slit less than 100' of material. Our slitter has a ± 1/16" tolerance. There is a converting fee for this custom manufacturing which becomes much more cost effective with larger quantities.

We can rewind to a shorter length of material than available on the master roll. This allows us to supply the length you require for your application. There is a converting fee for this service.

Sheeting and Square Cutting
To supply sheets from roll stock the material is “sheeted”. We cut oversized non-square sheets from the master roll. Then the sheets are square cut to the required size. There is a ±1/16" tolerance for sheets. We can only square cut sheets.

Interleaving vs. Non-interleaving:
Plastic film is sometimes interleaved with tissue paper or kraft paper. Usually thinner gauge films require paper interleave so they can be sheeted. Film that has a tendency to block (or stick to itself) requires a tissue interleave to prevent blocking. Additionally, tissue interleave will keep high clarity films from being scratched while being sheeted and trimmed.

Sometimes a single layer of plastic film and sheet won’t meet a customer’s requirements, however multiple layers will. Grafix offers the ability to laminate multiple layers of film together to make a composite film product. In addition to laminating our own films, we can laminate our customer’s film as a toll service.

Finishing Services
Grafix offers sheet finishing services such as corner rounding and hole drilling. Please contact us with your requirements.

Grafix Plastics stocks a wide variety of different kinds of plastic film products, in a variety of thicknesses and finishes. Our Plastic Film Products page outlines all the different types of plastic film that we offer.

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